Night and Day

Sterling Franklin


If you look at night and look at day, you see that they are two sides 
of the spectrum. Night and day are often included in analogies giving 
two extremes, often symbolizing evil and good. For example, a robber 
comes during the dark hours (night) and takes goods. If he came during 
the day, he'd most likely be caught.

What if you took night and day and put them together? Answer? They'd 
be like a polarized bar magnet - South on one side, North on the other. 
They would be like thin oil floating totally on top of thick corn syrup, 
not mixing at all. You can't combine night and day to get sunset -- 
you'd only be left with night and day, side-by-side.

Many relativists believe that, in a sense, you can combine 'absolutes' 
like 'yes' and 'no', 'true' and 'false', 'moral' and 'immoral,' into a 
middle-ground such as 'if it's all right for you, it's yes/true/moral.'

Imagine what society would be like if everyone followed God's Word. 
Peace comes with obedience to His Word and a great deal of joy as well. 
Depression would decrease enormously, gaps in families would cease to 
exist. God's Original Garden of Eden concept would be essentially 

But we know we are sinners. No man is without sin, and if we say that 
we are without sin, we make God out to be a liar, and the Truth is not 
in us. Many believe that sin is also relative. In 1 John 3:4, it 
clearly states, 'sin is the transgression of the law.' More simply, sin 
is disobedience and rebellion to God.

People even now make up their own religions to satisfy their own 
itching ears. They are swayed to and fro by other doctrines, and we are 
commanded to grow up as Christians! When we learn by the milk of the 
Word and then proceed and get some meat from the Word, we will be 
stronger in our walk with Christ.

Without firm grounding, relativistic thought can ruin our lives. Some 
believe that abortion is ok if you THINK it's ok. It's murder of babies 
and is abomination to God. In Proverbs, one of the seven abominations 
to God mentioned is the shedding of innocent blood. Abortion is a prime 
example of brutal and premeditated murder.

No matter what the case, put two solid blocks together, and you can't 
intercombine them without changing states. Same deal with Truth. There 
is Truth and the opposite of Truth - Falsehood. There is Moral and 
there is Immoral. There is God's Plan versus destruction. Which one 
will you choose? Night...or Day?



Study Date: Mar 13, 2002 20:31 PST   

Category: Short Essay/Commentary

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