Sterling's Baptism Testimony

Sterling Franklin


I could Praise the Lord for months, weeks, and days up here, but since 
we’re supposed to finish before Winter, I guess I’ll condense. My life 
is a story of not only God’s Infinite mercy on a sinner, but also of His 
Grace. Some would define Grace as unmerited favor, and I would 
definitely agree. Whatever is positive and right in my life has been 
given to me by God. It’s TRUE how James puts it in his epistle that 
every good and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the 
Father of Lights, with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of 
turning (that’s James 1:17 in the KJV).

As a human, I have shortcomings, and if you know my weekly schedule, you 
know that my head would have imploded by now if God hadn’t helped me 
every step of the way and encouraged me in all aspects of my life.

Though I professed Faith and was Saved at an early age, life wasn’t and 
still isn’t a piece of cake, but through thick and thin, my Lord has 
blessed me immensely, and I couldn’t EVER have enough time in a day to 
tell you everything He’s done and how wonderful He is to me. He is 
worth every second of service.

One thing I’m very thankful for is that the Lord has granted me His 
Protection from alcohol, drugs, and so many other trashy activities that 
both teens and adults find fun to occupy themselves with. In Proverbs 
4, King Solomon says to ‘keep your heart with all diligence – for out of 
it flow the issues of life.’ I hope to follow that verse over the 

God has given me many opportunities to share about Him and His Word, 
and I find that sharing the Gospel with others is very Healthy and very 
Addictive. More and more I agree with John the Baptist when he says ‘He 
must increase and I must decrease’ (from John 3:30).   I know that Paul 
had a pretty good ‘resume’ of sorts, but He counted it all loss for the 
sake of the knowledge of Christ (from Philippians 3:8). God has blessed 
me with success in life, but what will matter in the end is what I do 
for Him and in obedience to Him and His Will. I know that He’s done so 
much for me already, that I will NEVER be able to do as much back, but I 
will give my full heart to Him in service for my entire life. I’m a big 
health nut and like to take care of myself, so I pray that I can have 
many years with a healthy body to serve the Lord without restraint.

By the redemption through the Blood of Christ, and by God’s gift of 
Grace through Faith to me, and my affirmation that Jesus Christ is the 
Lord and Savior of my life, I have been cleansed inside, and this 
baptism is an outward showing of that cleansing. Jesus is the best 
friend, brother, and Master ANYONE can ever have. (If you asked me who 
my role model was, I wouldn't say Michael Jordan, I'd say Jesus Christ. 
I bet He could dunk over Michael Jordan!) He’s not a casual 
acquaintance, and He has no faults. He is infinitely Good to all of us, 
and I thank Him for that, as well.

Another reason for deciding to get baptized is to be obedient in 
following Jesus Christ, and in addition, to publicly show my commitment 
to Him for my entire lifetime. Wherever He leads, and whatever He puts 
out in front of me to do, I pray earnestly that I will Glorify Him in 
all I do, with Him by my side the entire way.

If you remember John F. Kennedy, he once said, ‘Ask not what your 
country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’ I would 
change it around to say, ‘DO ask what the Lord can do for you, but ALSO 
ask what you can do for the Lord.’ I agree fully with the song “Because 
He Lives” in the final words of the chorus, “and life is worth the 
living, just because He lives.’

I will live my life for Him, using everything He’s given me for His 

One of my hobbies is writing. I wrote a poem a few months ago that I 
would like to share with you tonight.

"Lord, Let me Serve You"

Lord, let me serve You,
How Faithful Thou art,
Let me praise you forever
With all of my heart.

I need You more each day,
You are awesome indeed,
You water my spirit
After planting Your seed.

I have found I am nothing,
But You are Everything,
Lord, I want to exalt You,
To lift my hands to You and sing.

You take care of my sickness,
And You heal my disease,
Oh, the Love that I get
When I fall to my knees.

You comfort me to smiles,
And you wipe away my tears,
And have set me on Your Path
For all of my Years.

How Glorious You Are,
And I will truly serve You,
For the harvest is large,
But the workers are few.

Lord, You hear all my prayers,
But just grant me this plea,
I want to give you everything I have
And give You all the Glory.

I will worship You, Lord,
My Infinite King,
For You have Power over darkness
And over death's bitter sting.



Study Date: Apr 28, 2002 20:21 PDT

Category: Short Version of Testimony

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