Sterling Franklin

   We can parallel our Spiritual lives with a picture of an electric 
circuit. God never changes - He is the same Yesterday, Today, and 
Forever (Heb. 13:8) - and He works through Christians like current 
through a circuit. We have a resistor in ourselves (our sin nature) 
from birth and when we surrender to God more and more, the resistance 
decreases, and the Voltage (energy for God and strength for His Service) 
increases. The less sin we fall into, the less resistance as well.

When we learn things, we store information, like a Capacitor stores 
charge and energy [and God's Word is Power]. When we teach the Word of 
God to others who are seeking or talk to other Christians to encourage 
them or help them out, we are warming up our knowledge of Him and 
strengthening our grasp on it, and are also transferring it to others 
(like a battery charger on someone else's circuit), so we are 
strengthening our capabilities, and God will decrease our resistance 
(kind of like a variable resistor) since we are yielding to His Great 
Commission in obedience to His Command (preaching the Gospel [good news] 
to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and 
the Holy Ghost, from Matthew 28).

So ask God to turn down your resistance to His working in and through 
your life (circuit :-D) and Praise the Lord for what He has done, is 
doing, and will do! Those who want God to put His current in us - all 
you have to do is Believe on Him (Ask Him to be Your Savior, Believe 
that He can Save you, and Confess your sins to Him). God is Good! Amen 
(so be it).

Study Date: Feb 21, 2002 14:51 PST 

Category: Devotional

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