Diamonds are Forever?

Diamonds are the hardest rocks on the planet. In fact, the Mohs hardness scale bases hardness of rocks with diamond as the highest level (10). What are diamonds made of? Pure Carbon. This ugly dark substance found in all living beings can be found in such materials as Graphite and over-toasted bread, but in crystalline form, Carbon can be put together into a compact diamond, shimmering to the eye.

Diamonds often reflect a color, giving each diamond a unique flare. Some diamonds do not reflect any light ("colorless"), and others are categorized as 'yellow', 'green', 'blue', 'brown', and 'red'. Red diamonds are by far the most rare of the group, but wedding rings are typically colorless. They do refract light at different wavelengths, giving them color sparkles at different angles, but the light it reflects is one of the major characteristics of diamonds.

Brilliance is another property that diamonds exhibit. The brilliance can be dull or bright, as some diamonds reflect a more vivid shade of color. The appearance of fire-like shimmer, the glow it seems to give off, and the luster overall are other classification characteristics used with diamonds. Overall, diamonds are formed by intense pressure and heat. Pretty cool, huh?

The truth, however, is that diamonds are also expensive! Unless I find one under a rock or in my soup, I don't think I'll buy one unless my future wife wants a SMALL one. Sorry, ladies. :( (2 girls close the window).

Diamonds aren't really forever...but they are resistant to sulfuric acid!

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