Ode to DDR Dorks

It was a dark evening...

Then I beat Freckles on Light mode.

Freckles Sterf
This was only three difficulty.  I didn't have to go all out on this one.

aww man...

but THEN...

AAA - Sterf de Janeiro ;)
Oh snap.  I got a perfect score on an 8-difficulty song.  You know what that means?

Sterf La Booyowa
BOOYOWA BOOM!  It is the DDR dorkness!


I must represent...
DDR Dork Pose
This is my DDR Dork Pose.  I'm so cool.  I'm a dance hero!  The machine told me so!
Uhhh!  DDR NERD!
Represent my DDR Nerds for life!  Gimme dat eighth step!

...but it's just too bad it was on the easiest setting on my laptop!  Anyway, the game is fun as mess, so go play it.