Steven displaying his car like Vanna White

'Remixing' Steven's 3000 GT

As a DJ, I have to remix things.  In Steven's case, I don't look at it as 'I hit your car'.  I take the view of 'I remixed your car'.  Boy, remixing sure costs a lot of money!

Steven's Car

It's just a ...little bump.  My minivan wasn't hurt that much!

Steven and his Car...

Tragedy...or I mean...Sterling Strikes the Reyes Household.

The Estimator...
We took the car to three estimators...  Cheapest one was $1609.

Dang I got that car good

The dent on the door is what will probably cause the entire panel to need to be replaced.  That's the most expensive point in the eyes of the estimators.


I played bumper cars with Steven's car.  In the background is my dad's 'mid-life crisis' car, the '62 Thunderbird.  Hmmm...we have 3 vans, 2 minivans and a '62 Thunderbird, and only 3 people at the house!



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