Test Expressions
Test Expressions

Combining Academics and Yo Momma jokes...

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How well do you think you did on your test?  A?  B?  C?  D?  F?  Zero?  Well, we have a Yo Momma joke for each situation!

Awesome 'A'

I owned that test like your mom owns the chocolate factory.
I missed fewer questions than your mom missed butter sticks.

Bodacious 'B'

My grade is high, but not as high as yo momma's tonnage.
My pencil broke and your mom ate it, so I couldn't quite finish my perfect test.

Careless 'C'

Your mom ate my pencil faster than usual...
Your mom ate my hand faster than usual...

Dang 'D'

There's still more hope for me to pass than yo momma to lose weight.
I studied for this test about as long as your mom went without food this year.

Freakin' 'F'

At least my F means 'Flunk' instead of 'Fat.'
I flunked, but I managed to get 40 times your mom's score on the SAT.


I'm dumber than your mom.

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