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This is me after my shave and haircut, so this is the most recent picture I took (of myself).  I'm majoring in Communications and Religious Studies and minoring in Computer Science at NC State University.
A Few Years Ago...
I'm a weird kid.
Basketball SLAM
I've always loved basketball...  but this picture was taken on an 8.5 foot goal.
This is our 'Gitano' pose.  I don't know why, but you'd have to ask Steven if you wanted an answer on that.
This is Glen.  Glen is about to get run over by Jason's jeep because his shirt said 'C:\DOS\RUN'.  It's ovah!
...and here's a picture of Glen getting hit by Jason.  If you look at Glen, you can tell he's holding one arm on the hood and his foot is on the bumper.  Oh, well...maybe next time?
Bodyguard Sterf
My friend Matt Rubush and I were instructed by Luke Mills to be his younger sister's bodyguard the year he wasn't there.  There, Luke.  We're guarding Dusty, and nobody's going mess with our bad selves!
Prom Pimpin'
This picture was taken a few days before I won Prom King.  I wonder if they'd disqualify me if they saw this picture!  Probably not...some guys came in with the same get-up...but in Pink.  I just needed a monacle!
My friend Jason went through a stage of fad diets.  He tried this one, called the 'Get up and Leaf' diet.  It's tasty as mess.
I hosted a Christian Teen Talk Show called 'Teen Scene', and this is a picture of my friend Nick on Teen Scene Jeopardy.  Nick is with the Lord now...he died of pulmonary hypertension in January, 2001.  He was a big factor in my teenage years in helping me get through them, and I praise the Lord that I could have a friend like Nick for even the few years we had together.
This was a pretty cool picture from the Science Olympiad.  We had a roster put together at the last minute, and notice we came away with a trophy and medals around our necks!  Kira & I were Golden in an event.  We did better than when Jason Matthews & I did an event together the year before: somehow they 'lost' our paper and gave us 0 points!
State Science Olympiad
At the State level, Kira and I got a 4th place medal in an event, and we were thrilled since it was out of a few hundred schools statewide!  Yes, and my shirt says 'Air Xena'.
Handstand Olympiad
I'm doing a handstand in front of a full crowd at the Regional Science Olympiad.  It's kinda funny how I look as if I'm having a heart attack and everyone is looking at me as if I were having one!
Bible Pillow?
...and all to the Glory of God.  He's the reason I exist and live for Him!  The best parts of my day occur when I pick up my Bible and read about the explanation of life, in God's eyes!
Oh my Goodness!
Oh my goodness, this album is over...and oh my goodness I needed a haircut.  I'm glad I got one!  God bless, y'all cowboys.  Stay tuned for more of these here albums, eh?

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