More Reminiscence

Living in Apex is quite an interesting experience. This picture is from back in my high school days, and it was Glen's birthday. He had once made a comment about how the PowerPuff Girls were hilarious, so my parents and I thought that he would enjoy a gift of that ilk. Reynolds (middle) is examining his gift, which was a PowerPuff Girls baking tin. Glen is as close to an Iron Chef as an American will probably get, so we figured, "YEAH! He'll LOVE it!" hahaha...that was a funny assumption. We also got him a PowerPuff Girls bookbag, so he can be cooler than ever.

This was my minivan pre-2001 crash. Mr. Cross was the guy who hit us, and he apparently set up some hitmen to knock us off, like Tiger, who tried to run us over at a Bowling Alley parking lot. That whole ordeal was scary as mess, as we would see different utility vehicles following us around town and invading our lane.... Oh, wait. That was a running gag Jason & I kept going over the years.

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! That's Eddie Chen.

NBA Live 2000 lets you insert JPGs into the game. I originally had a few really freaky characters. One had a picture of Pikachu as his face. Wow that one was a freak.

Yeah, I was Prom King. I didn't quite go like this, but I did have the nice white tux. That was a really cool suit. From left-to-right, Jason, Sterling, Steven (bottom), Glen (top).

Steven went out with a girl that he'd met once, and they never talked again. Guess it wasn't meant to be! Glen got knocked out in a wannabe mosh pit, lol. I saw him sitting on the side holding his head, and I'm like, "You ok, Glen?" So he said, "AWW MANN! I got NAILED in the MOSH pit!"

I thought this was a really nice picture of my mom (left) and grandma (right). My grandma passed away last year. She was a really godly woman.

My niece Natalie and nephew Evan are ready for the DDR tournament. They will own you at Remember You Light.

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