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What's going on here?  I see all these young'uns graduating from high school!  All those little kids are a little bit less little now!  I remember my High School Graduation as if it were just 2 years ago...because it was.
Starting Out with the Fellas

Oh snap.  One thing I didn't understand is why we had to wear a suit and tie underneath the cap and gown.  It's as if we had to endure the torture of extra insulation in order to get our degree.  The only problem with the idea of not having the dress code is that someone probably would have come there with ONLY a cap and gown on.  YIKES!
Grandma, Mom, and I
My grandmother made the trek down to North Carolina just to see me graduate...seriously!  She always enjoyed being involved in her grandkids' academic lives (as she was in her 4 kids' lives).  My mom is opposite her.  I guess I should take this time and say happy graduation to my cousin Abigail (this year)!
Sheesh!  Talk about stuck up!  Who would come to the graduation ceremony in a LIMO?!  I mean, really...this is HIGH SCHOOL.  I honestly don't know why the limo was there, but it looks like a big event now because of it.
We were allowed to bring, I believe, up to 5 people to watch the graduation ceremony.  There were a fair number of empty seats in some of the sections.  I know most people didn't use up all 5 of their tickets.  An option was to turn in the unused ones to give to those needing them.  Either way, there were a lot of people watching our graduating class (about 480 graduated of 510 or 520).
Steven and Jason
Two of my close friends, Steven Reyes and Jason Matthews.  I've known Steven since 2nd grade and Jason since Science Olympiad in either 10th or 11th grade.  Steven FINALLY got into NC State, and Jason is at UNC busting up the medical field.
Sterling and Steven
Yep...Steven and I are standing in front of some random people and are both in the figleaf position!  Classic photo.
Amanda on the Left
I've known Amanda McHenry since 1st grade.  She's a really cool gal with a great knack at making & keeping friends.  She's on crutches there, but now she's at the Naval Academy!  Better not be on crutches there!
Sterling and Grandma...ex post facto
This is the ex post facto (after the fact) picture.  Usually that refers to crimes, so I guess that does apply here.  How did I graduate?  Thank the Lord I'm out of High School.  The last year was hard to get through, both scholastically and emotionally.  That year was one of the 'death years' we all go through at some point.  More proof of Philippians 4:13!
Keepin it REAL
I have enclosed a little sample of my High School 'fond memories'.  Kinda bleak!  Anyway, God bless, and college is slightly (yes, slightly) better.
High School Theatrics
...relating directly to the actual high school

...Finished with about a 4.5 GPA
...1470 on the SAT
...'A' honor roll in Senior Year.

Prom King

15 Clubs
...Need I say more?

Vice President, Poetry Club
Kicked off the morning announcements for making people laugh too much (it was 'a disturbance'!) because of funny Poetry Club Announcements.

Track & Field
...Ran in basketball shoes my Freshman year.
...'Lettered' 5 Times
...I have 2 Varsity 'A' letters.  Double A battery, baby!
...Got a gold medal in Bojangles' Relays.  BOJANGLES???!  I had 'Shin splints' that year in Outdoor Track.  Those were fun.
...Wore gold wrapping paper over teeth numerous times in workouts.

I Taped Stuff on the Walls and Ceilings
I was advertising for my TV show.  They got pulled, too!  Ugg!  I taped pieces of scrap cardboard to the ceiling for homecoming preparation.  They didn't mean to decorate like that, and they fell down at some point

Freaked People Out
That's Obvious...

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