A Picture Compendium of Waterfowl...

Herons, Ducks, and Swans

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- Swans -

Swans have very long necks that can kink. They are therefore very nosy creatures.

My brother-in-law and niece are feeding them some bread. The male is closest, the children behind, and the mother is the farthest back.

The two baby cygnets (baby swans) are darling. They seem to have more of a furry texture rather than a feathery. Baby birds often have this 'down' on their skin.

Ok, these swans were not timid.

The male swan (with a mallard in the background). Cute stuff.

- Ducks -

Lake Pine has an abundance of ducks. My niece Natalie and my brother-in-law Bo are feeding these cute little critters. The mother had a total of 12 ducklings, and they aren't very scared of people unless the mother leaves the area. Interesting how when the mother went toward the water, all the ducklings had a certain comfort radius that they would stay inside.

Mallard Ducks are considered by some to be the most beautiful of waterfowl. The female has an intricate sparrow-like brown and white pattern, and the male has a vivid Green on his head and neck. When wet, their feathers have a shimmer to them, and they're really pretty swimming along. You may notice some baby dragonflies in the picture flying around, as well.

2 Ducks and a Male Mallard (also called a Drake) are sleeping, and I took a picture of them very quietly. Ooh! Phantasmagoric!

- Great Blue Heron -

This bird is very dangerous, as their sharp beaks have done such things as gouge out a human eyeball in distress. Ouch! I was wearing sunglasses, so I was ok. Great Blue Herons make a noise sounding like "FRONK" when they fly, and it is very distinctive.

A little closer up and more clear. The Great Blue Heron walked around through the bushes a bit to make sure I wasn't going to try to eat him.

He was getting a little too close, so I stood up and he jetted. FRONK!

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