Guess the Weather League
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Guess the Weather League!
Guess the Weather League involved weekly guesses of the high and low temperatures of cities in the US (regular season) and around the world (playoffs).  To make it simple, players first registered, and then had to guess the high an low temperatures of a given city by a deadline.  If guesses were late, there would be a 'double penalty' assigned for every degree off.  During the regular season, 1 point would be taken off for every degree missed in the high, as well as the low temperatures.  Miguel S. won the regular season, and the top 50% of players went on to the playoffs.

Trophy City Baby, Git that
Phil C. won the trophy fair and square, and he came really close to being passed the last week due to some crazy last-minute drama with the guessing, but he came out on top -- handily.  First thing I had to do after he won is order the trophy.  I was going to after the 2nd week of the Playoffs, because Ken didn't guess on time, and Miguel didn't guess at all for the last week.  I was so far behind that I figured that I was too far behind to challenge anything or anyone, but my guesses were record-breaking the last week!  Therefore, I had to wait until the last few days to truly give up.  I was gaining steadily, when Jerusalem all of a sudden dipped in temperature!  STUPID WEATHER!  Oh, well.  In the end, Phil whooped up, and so I had to order the trophy.
I made sure the engraving was perfect, making sure that some middle-school-dropout (as opposed to beauty school dropout?) didn't get a hold of the engraving tools!  It was A.O.K., so I decided to get it to Phil during a Discrete Mathematics class.  I actually thought about how I could bring the trophy without looking like a terrorist.  Then I realized that I'm bringing a TROPHY, for goodness sakes!  I put it in a NCSU Bookstores bag.  I'm glad it wasn't from there, though, because then it would be an extra $60 over the retail, just like all their other items.

Engraving = Good
Phil C. in the Place to Be!
So at the start of class, I'm like, "Hey, Phil...."  I think he said, "Sweet," or something like that.  Either way, I took this picture of him with about 100 others around (it was about 5 minutes before class started).  Yes, I brought a digital camera with me....

Sterling from the Bookbag... I also took a picture of myself from my bookbag.  A lot of people looked at me, because the flash was on...and coming from my bookbag!

I did that same thing on my birthday, too, in my Advanced Java class.  I'm such a dork sometimes....

Kim T. in the Place to Be
I took another picture without really aiming it and got a picture of Kim.  It didn't turn out very well.  Kim was in Guess the Weather League, too.  She's cool.  Everyone who plays in Guess the Weather League is cool.

We had 20 people participate this time in Guess the Weather League, and it was a lot of ridiculous fun for everyone who played as well as watched.  The drama continued into the playoffs and turned out to be quite a discussion topic as it finished up!

I guess one thing we learned was that Meteorology is hard to do, especially on a long-term prediction.  We were definitely more off than Greg Fishel, although he has a bunch of tools to help him out in his predictions!  Only God knows the weather fully.  He's the best Meteorologist out there.  He even INVENTED the science!

But Guess the Weather League was pretty cool.  Guess next year's will have some revisions and improvements, and maybe even team play if I can sort that out with Stock Market League!  This time around was a calibration period, and I hope to do this all again in a more optimized fashion!


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