WKNC 88.1 FM REZ.RevolUtionS at The Revolution
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Entering the studio is hard to do, especially when you've got instant vertigo when you walk in. They put in Black and White tiles as a new change.

What next? Let's paint the walls!

So they decided to paint the walls in black and white tile pattern. I still can't tell which of the three I should walk on.

Anyway, WKNC is a cozy little studio, and it works, so no complaints on the functionality.

I've worked at WKNC since 2002, and a lot of wacky stuff has happened since I started here.

WKNC operates at 25,000 Watts. I like to eat hamsters.

That's our mystery DJ. I'll only tell his real name if you give me like $500 or something. I'll give him $4 for disclosing his name if you do give me $500 for it.

Turntables are to this DJ's right, not pictured fully. In front, a computer with lots of PSAs and Legal IDs is waiting to be used. There are 4 mics in the studio. Sometimes bands or artists will come in for interviews, so it's helpful to have those 4 mics.

It's like an Xbox. You have 4 controllers, but you usually only use a few of them.

To train to be a DJ, you have to go through a seemingly rigorous process of learning the rules and guidelines. However, when I started, I had to wait somewhere near 8 months after I finished reading the manual to actually get time with the GM to take the test. This GM was not the original one that I started with, though.

At REZR.evolUtionS, we have well over 1000 albums of music to play. These are full albums that directly mention Jesus Christ in the lyrics or on the credits section, with no blasphemy, cursing, etc. I put all of the albums into a database online, but someone *else* needs to keep it updated!

Our collection is on the right. We just expanded our library size via new cabinets, but I believe that's Chainsaw Rock's space to fill on the left. Chainsaw Rock's ad states that their music will make your mom scream. lol, they're definitely right in my case.

The blue dots on the albums came from a Program Director who wanted to 'revamp' the program. Typically, we play all genres of music, but the Program Director wanted us to be more of a heavy metal-only program. (We may as well take the blue dots off now since he's graduating)

We typically get a few requests per show -- like 3-5 on an average week. I think the most we've had in my stead is somewhere around 15-20 in our show. That was wacky hot. There are some shows, however, where we sit bored waiting for you to call!

So yes, we as broadcast DJs want you to let us know what you want to hear! Request lines are mentioned on the site.

One colorful happening was when a GM installed a security camera. Apparently people had broken in and stolen some CDs and sold them off to Schoolkids' Records. Thus, we made a decision at "Rez Revolutions" to keep copies in the library so nobody could sell them.

Don't worry, we have the originals, but we're not going to let some oaf come in and sell what we have. Perhaps in the future, we can just have our music in the computer database so it's not an issue.

Anyway, our show usually runs from 2-4 pm on Sundays, but in the event of a baseball game or women's basketball game, we often are preempted or have our show alternating with the Latin Show with Stacy "La Gata." She recently got married, so she was fine with taking some time off!

DJs at WKNC get paid for airing broadcasts of women's basketball or men's baseball games, but regular shows are not paid unless you are on the Board of Directors.

Our office wins. We have more rooms, but I didn't take pictures of all of them.

My main activity with the show now is training new DJs and bringing in new music. Record labels vary on the generosity scale, but at times, labels often donate 10+ albums at a time with promotional materials.

I also am a wholesaler in CDs now, so I'm bringing in some new music on my own, as well.

We typically have 2 new featured CDs every week in the middle of the show.

My experience at WKNC is hardly different from my experience at the TV station -- a lot of stress.

We strive to have a certain image, and yet everyone 'above' us in the hierarchy are trying to make us have their own vision of our image. This is a Specialty Show, and we're not a Specialty Show trying to break laws or hurt feelings.

Trying to get something done takes forever. It's like fighting with Tar Diver.

Going through a lot of motions to please the FCC is expected, but when progress is stilted by various levels of bureaucracy, you can't help but cringe.

It's a good opportunity to have, but I would consider it a hobby as opposed to anything drastically serious.

WKNC 88.1 FM REZ.RevolUtionS at The Revolution
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