Vacation Bible School 2003

Welcome to Vacation Bible School...Mr. Sterling Style!

Here you will find links to lesson outlines and the like.  I'm not promising anything fancy, but I'll get the basic stuff up!  Hope you have a great day, and God bless you!

Lesson Outline for Day 1 (Africa)

Lesson Outline for Day 2 (Ireland)

Lesson Outline for Day 3 (Bolivia)

Lesson Outline for Day 4 (Australia)

Lesson Outline for Day 5 (China)

Pictorial History - VBS

One Blue Hippo tells the other a secret: There are no blue hippos in Ireland!

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(08.01.03)  Getting ready for Parents Night!  I'm expecting probably about 50 people in the room tonight, I guess.  Have to make the most of it!  I got some candy for the kids, too, so they'll like that!

(07.31.03)  I have 31 on my roll now!  Attendance so far has been 29, 25, and 27.

(07.28.03)  I had 17 kids PREregistered for my class (1st & 2nd Grade), but the busiest day proved very busy indeed!  I now have 29 hale and hearty children!  I'm glad to see more visitors this year, too.  Monday went all right, but Tuesday will go better!

African Elephants on Parade!  (Day 1)
It's Ghana be interesting!

Gators are tasty creatures that sometimes reside in  Bolivia!

A Purr-fect prize for Australia!